Advanced Jazz/Contemporary

Fusion Dance Academy (location map)
Thursday, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
09/10/18 - 06/13/19 (34 weeks)

Jazz is a fun, upbeat dance style. It uses traditional ballet technique along with upbeat music to perform various movements, turns, and leaps. Fusion style ranges from modern, commercial jazz to traditional, Broadway “Fosse” style jazz.


Jazz 1/1B:  Beginning and Advancing Jazz, focuses on the fundamentals of jazz, flexibility, body movement, muscle engagement, body isolation, and basic leaps, walks and turns. Skills include single and double turns, chaines, various jazz walks, leaps, and kicks.


Jazz 2/2B: Dancers must have prior Jazz 1 or Jazz 2 experience.  Jazz 2/2B builds upon previous Jazz 1 skills with emphasis on strength and range of movement, turns, leaps and kicks. Skills include multiple turns, chaines and pique turns, jazz walks, use of levels, jete leaps, battement style kicks, and performance quality. Dancers must be concurrently enrolled in ballet or with instructor approval.


Advanced Contemporary/Jazz Advancing Intermediate and Advanced Jazz, must have prior Jazz 2 or Jazz 3 experience. Advanced Jazz builds on previous skills and increases the dancer's range of motion, strength, and skills. This class is designed to combine technique skills, such as triple and quad turns and various styles of turns, leaps, jumps and kicks, with music and jazz choreography. Dancers must also be enrolled in Ballet.

Upcoming Meetings
03/21/19    7:00 PM Thursday 03/21/19 7:00 PM
03/28/19    <None> Thursday (Spring Break-Studio Closed) 03/28/19
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