Tap 1/1B

Fusion Dance Academy (location map)
Wednesday, 5:15 PM - 6:00 PM
09/11/17 - 06/13/18 (35 weeks)


Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Beginning ballet, tap, and jazz. This class is specially designed for students who are ready to learn new ballet, tap, and jazz skills. The ballet portion of the class focuses on basic ballet positions, introductory barre work, and body alignment. The tap portion of the class focuses on variations of basic tap sounds and skills, such as flaps, shuffles, and Irishes. The jazz portion of the class focuses on flexibility, fundamental jazz movements, and basic turns. This class is an excellent stepping stone for all genres of dance!

Tap I/IB Beginning tap students. Focuses on the fundamentals of tap, sounds, rhythm, strength and proper muscle engagement. Skills include flaps, shuffles, brushes, heels and time steps.

Tap II Beginning to Intermediate tap dancers with prior Tap I or Tap II experience. Tap II focuses on building upon previously learned skills, speed, clarity of sound, emphasis of sounds, and rhythm tap. 

Tap III Advancing Intermediate tap dancers with prior Tap II or Tap III experience. Tap III focuses on building upon previously learned skills. Skills include increased rhythm tap speed, wings, separated wings, toe stand wings, pullbacks, and turns. 

Tap IV Advanced tap dancers with prior Tap III or Tap IV experience. Tap IV focuses on building upon previously learned skills with an emphasis on learning fast choreography with varying rhythms.  

Upcoming Meetings
02/21/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 02/21/18 5:15 PM
02/28/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 02/28/18 5:15 PM
03/07/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 03/07/18 5:15 PM
03/14/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 03/14/18 5:15 PM
03/21/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 03/21/18 5:15 PM
04/11/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 04/11/18 5:15 PM
04/18/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 04/18/18 5:15 PM
04/25/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 04/25/18 5:15 PM
05/02/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/02/18 5:15 PM
05/09/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/09/18 5:15 PM
05/16/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/16/18 5:15 PM
05/23/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/23/18 5:15 PM
05/30/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 05/30/18 5:15 PM
06/06/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 06/06/18 5:15 PM
06/13/18    5:15 PM Wednesday 06/13/18 5:15 PM